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When a loved one dies, families often request donations to Tapestry Hospice in lieu of flowers or other recognition.  These Memorial Tributes honor the loved one while helping other patients and families.  The funeral home can help you make this request known. 

When you make a gift to Tapestry Hospice we will send a card to the family of the deceased acknowledging the gift  (the amount remains confidential).  A “Thank You” note is also sent to the donor to acknowledge your donation.

Direct donations by individuals, organizations and industries are an important way that Tapestry Hospice can benefit patients and families in many ways.

If you have questions about special giving opportunities, please contact Tapestry Hospice.

                                                                       For Donations, or questions, please contact: 

                                                                                      Tapestry Hospice

                                                                                     189 Professional Ct SE
                                                                                              Suite 300
                                                                                     Calhoun, GA 30701



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